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Throughout life, people participate on teams. These might be sports, business or school-related. It’s critical for any type of team to be successful, and each team’s success depends on individual members interacting well as a group. There are certain qualities that could be found across our team members that make us a good and reliable team.


All our team members participate actively in every stage of our company’s development process. Each member have a defined job that affects the outcome of our mutual goal. We  invest heavily in innovation and Life Long Learning process. We sincerely respect the accumulated knowledge of the organisations we serve and we try to point out the value of this knowledge for their benefit. Finally we all share the same goals and values as well as commitment towards the success of our customers and partners.

Health Systems Ltd. (Healthsys), is an innovative start-up created by a team of visionary professionals from IT and healthcare sector, aiming to provide disruptive  ideas and solutions in a very traditional sector as Health Care is.


The company has been established in January 2017 and is based in Nicosia, Cyprus. It has currently operating offices in both Nicosia and Athens and soon will have representing offices in Thessaloniki, Bucharest and Sofia. 


Healthsys aim is to provide complete solutions to healthcare providers of any size and type of speciality in order to modernise the way they organise, market and deliver their professional services. 

Healthsys is able to offer a wide range of services and solutions supported by industry leading software and hardware vendors. 

About Us
Our Services


Design of Health IT Systems


Following rigorous and constantly re-evaluating processes, design team includes members that have all the skill sets needed to design and develop any health product.

Solutions for home and extended care


Specialized in the field of extended care, Health Systems provide you with

Carenation Solution.

HIT Consulting & integration


Health Systems Consulting and Solutions having experience of different health systems around the world, may assist you on designing or adjusting a health system solution that will meet your expectations.

Solutions for Small Medical Centres
Advanced telemedicine solutions


In order to provide advanced health solutions, Health Sys has developed a particular department for Telemedicine Solutions.

Health ICT Innovation



Years of Experience


Major Public Healthcare Projects Implemented


Countries of presence


Expert consultants happy to serve you

Our Products


Mobile Telehealth
Medicine Boxes
Fixed Telemedicine Unit
Mobile (transportable) examination unit
Telemedicine Reporting and Support Centre



“Our Mission is to deliver services of exceptional quality to our clients, custom-tailored to their unique
needs and maintain a long-lasting, senior-level relationship with them.

Our Objective is to maintain a client-centric perspective, which coupled with our global reach and our ability to enter into strategic alliances and cooperation arrangements, will always work to the benefit of our clients.
We take pride in our entrepreneurial culture that celebrates the individual, while emphasizes on teamwork and collaboration.”

Dimitrios Drakopoulos,


“At Teslon we believe in innovating for a better tomorrow. We believe in the use of technology that can touch lives and make a difference. 
Carenation aims to revolutionise healthcare delivery and make care accessible to anyone in need anywhere, by an optimised remote care delivery model that adds value to the small and large hospitals alike while ultimately benefitting the patient.”

Harsha Muroor,

TESLON Founder and CEO

Our Partners
Contact Us


Nicosia Office

11 Myκonou Street, 

Agioi Omologites, PO Box 11

1066 Nicosia, Cyprus

Tel. +357 22260881

Athens Office

3, Romanou Melodou Street,

Marousi 15125, Ground floor

Athens, Greece

Tel: +30 2106399010

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