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Fixed telemedicine unit

For all citizens, installed in the premises of the Municipality (e.g. Open Care Center for the Elderly, municipal buildings)

​Placement of small or larger telemedicine units in structures of the Municipality such as:

  • Municipal clinics

  • Open Care Center for the Elderly

  • Sports Centre

  • Town Hall 

The Telemedicine Station includes:

  • Teleconferencing system and telemedicine application

  • Medical Instruments

  • Digital security and interconnection infrastructure

Remote communication with medical consultants (using teleconferencing, chat, mail) on an emergency and regular basis as well as the National Telemedicine Network (NTN) by agreement


It is very easy to record and send basic health control indicators (temperature, oxygen, pressure, etc.) for the patients being examined, while it is also possible to perform more demanding examinations with endoscopes (rhinoscope, otoscope, dermoscope, etc.), cardiogram or ultrasound device.


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