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Mobile telehealth

Application for citizens is an easy-to-use application for mobile devices (iOS or Android) with which citizens and residents can be informed about medical issues, request primary support for preventive medicine and health promotion or use questionnaires to self-assess their health status.

1.Provision of informative and educational content categorized by age or categories of preventive medicine (children, adolescents, elderly, diabetics, overweight, smokers, etc.)

2. Recording and sending key health check indicators (temperature, oxygen, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, etc.) to the reference centre

3. Use of health self-assessment questionnaires (general questionnaires to assess physical and mental health and well-being)

4. Use of questionnaires to assess the risk of common diseases in the community

5. Declaration of participation in planned preventive and screening programmes by gender and age to maintain health and well-being

6. Ability to communicate remotely with medical advisors (using videoconferencing, chat, mail) on an emergency and regular basis through the Reference Centre

7. The application has a dashboard interface for better user management.

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